Adapazari plant with a total production area of 365.000 m2 is the biggest plant serving Kässbohrer. The plant has an annual semi-trailer production capacity of 20.000 units.

The plant has advanced manufacturing processes including on site cataphoresis (KTL) plant with integrated bio-chemical water treatment facility, an investment of  €10 Million completed in 2014. The electro-chemical coating process, namely KTL, creates perfect corrosion resistance for 10 years. Since 2016, mass production includes metallization on the chassis of low-beds and low-loaders.

The Adapazari plant hosts the R&D Prototype and Test Facility Center restructured in 2009 with a €4 million investment. An area of 1,800 menables the production and testing of more than one prototype vehicle at a time.

Between 2009 and 2013, our R&D Center developed 20 new product projects under 10 different product groups. In 2013, we have developed our own hydraulic steering system for low-bed vehicles and a new generation tipper. Also in 2014, we participated in Trailer Innovations 2015 with three different projects, namely Steer by Brake (SBB), Digital Trailer Control (DTC) and Rear Underrun Protection Device with Absorption Box (RUPD-AB). We are also the winner of 2017 Trailer Innovation Award with our STS.F truck with advanced safety systems designed for the transportation of dangerous goods.