Ambrogio Intermodal affirms its determination for Sustainability with Kässbohrer Intermodal Range Investment

05 January 2024

In a ceremony held in Gallarate, Italy, Ambrogio Intermodal and Kässbohrer celebrated new investment of total 650 swap bodies and container chassis vehicles to firmly advance sustainability transition of logistics in service Europe’s 2050 carbon-neutrality plans.  

Founded in 1969, Ambrogio Intermodal is a leading company in rail-road intermodal transport on the European market. With a comprehensive service portfolio including logistical services, terminal services, and freight forwarding, the company manages diverse cargo types, such as palletized goods, petrochemical products, coils and steel products, and consumer goods, reaffirming their position as a versatile logistics provider. 

With 7 private rail terminals in Italy, Germany, Belgium and France, and operations spanning across all Europe, Ambrogio Intermodal stands as a prominent player in the European logistics landscape. 

Offering transport solutions that combine innovative technology with efficient and reliable services, the company also reveals its sustainability approach. With sustainability as part of its DNA since its foundation, the company makes a commitment to sustainability that is not limited to its core business, intermodal transport, which plays an important role in protecting the climate, but also extends to its customers, partners and employees.  

Unique in its competence in manufacturing to meet the needs of all sectors of logistics, Kässbohrer is competent to meet all its customers’ unique transition needs to more sustainable transport. Leading the intermodal sector with its award winning unrivalled range, Kässbohrer’ longer heavier vehicles SEC (Super eco combi) and Intermodal combinations are on road since November 2022. Kässbohrer’s E-Reefer is a step towards advancing sustainability in cold chain transportation realized in partnership with BPW and Thermoking is launched in 2023. Kässbohrer actively participates in development of electrification of vehicles for traction support with its stakeholders.  

Livio Ambrogio, President of Ambrogio Intermodal, Cetin Nuhoglu, President of Kässbohrer, Pieralberto Vecchi, CEO of Ambrogio Intermodal, Awes Botello, Terminal & Purchasing Manager of Ambrogio Intermodal and Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account of Kässbohrer attended the delivery ceremony. 

In his speech at the ceremony, Awes Botello, Terminal & Purchasing Manager of Ambrogio Intermodal, expressed their confidence in Kässbohrer and its vehicles, emphasizing the significance of their new investment for transportation sustainability.   

“With great pride and gratitude, we announce our new investment of 650 Kässbohrer swap bodies and new container chassis . Our new investment enhances the diversity of our fleet for a new era of capability and growth, in service of more and quality intermodal capacity in service of sustainability transition of logistics.  

Our decision to choose Kässbohrer's products, specifically the coil swap body, the lightest swap body in the market, and light container chassis allows us more payload and load diversity to maximize the capacity, making every shipment more sustainable.  

We believe in pushing the boundaries of logistics and setting new standards in the industry and are excited about the future we will shape together with Kaessbohrer in the intermodal transportation sector,” stated Mr. Botello. 

Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account at Kässbohrer also made a statement and shared their excitement for the future partnership. 

“Today, we are gathered in Gallarate, Italy, to celebrate a significant moment in our partnership with Ambrogio Intermodal, and we are proud to provide our esteemed customer with these exceptional products. 

Our innovation award winner first-ever 45 ft coil swap body SWAU.CC featuring an integrated coil well chassis design with 4,500 kg payload capacity allows for the efficient and safe transport of coils as well general cargo with 7.2-ton axle load for the floor, maximizing the load factor in support of the diverse operational needs of Ambrogio Intermodal 

Our light swap body SWAU.CL, the lightest swap body in the market weighing only 3,900 kg, as well as our light container chassis SHG.L with tare weight 3,960 kg, make for the lightest combination in the market allowing for the highest capacity in intermodal transportation 

Engineered for the maximum operational efficiency, K.SWAU CL is 24% lighter than universal swap bodies and has a tare weight equal to 3.900 kg. Light but robust, K.SWAU CL is the only light swap body offered with plywood floor with 7,2 ton forklift axle load capacity K.SWAU CL's chassis is unique – coated with KTL, as well as with partial metallization on loading points and full metallization on crane pockets.  

Our gooseneck light container chassis K.SHG L presents tare weight below 3.960kg allowing higher payload and lower fuel consumption while ensuring safe load distribution for stable transport performance for 45ft containers and swap bodies, Ambrogio Intermodal’s choice.  

Both products made of S 700 MC steel with highest quality manufacturing are durable for challenging operations with long product life minimizing premium resource use.  

We thank Ambrogio for their trust in Kässbohrer. We look forward to many more successful ventures together,” stated Mr. Önen.