Kässbohrer Offers New Engineered Swap Body

Two Types of Swap Body Vehicles Completes Kässbohrer Intermodal Range

26 September 2017

Intermodal provides sea, land and railway integrated, fast, enviromentally friendly and cost effective transportation. Kässbohrer offers widest product range with innovative products in Europe to meet the demands of its customers in 55 countries.For intermodal solutions Kässbohrer has been providing Huckepack Semi-Trailers and Light Container Chassis.

Today, Kässbohrer adds a new product type into its product range; K.SWAU Intermodal Swap Body.

In Kässbohrer`s awarded R&D center that provides innovative solutions and qualified engineering services, Swap Body is produced as 2 types of vehicles ; Curtainsider Swap Body K. SWAU C and Aluminum Box Swap Body K.SWAU B. All goods with pallets, garment, electronical devices, automotive and chemical goods can be carried by Kässbohrer Intermodal Swap Body vehicles.

K.SWAU C Swap Body will be the solution partner of customers by providing faster operation, high volume loading with more capacity and partical loading thanks to its sliding curtain and roof system. K. SWAU B Swap Body is created for making the most economical switch between land, sea and railway transportation.Multi-purpose aluminum panels and load bars in the panel structure provide flexible operations and load safety for textile transportation and double deck loading operations.

Kässbohrer K.SWAU B Technical Information

• 27 mm thick resin coated (Water resistant) plywood floor with Omega supports, permissible fork-lift axle load of 7.200 kg according to DIN EN 283

• KTL Coated semi-chassis made of high tension ST 700 MC steel, consisting of 2 welded longitudinal beams in "C" form and cross beams at needed distances. Light weight constructed axle frame.

• Tunnel dimensions : 4000mm x 1030mm x 120mm

• Fortified chassis and suitiable to train loading with four unite gives Intermodal way of logistics.

• ISO-Gooseneck tunnel 45 ft. and 40 ft. Connection points.

• Suitable at wing lock.

• 5 piece of moduler chassis structure gives you fast service possibility.

• Multi-purpose aluminum panels support more rigid upper structure.Over 10.000 load securing and hanging garment points can be utilized as load securing system and double deck apparatus with double deck profiles.

• With double-deck bars, it is eligible to carry 10 tons of load on the second floor.

• Double doors with hidden lock, aluminium profile door with 2 units of wings.

• EN 12640 suitable norms 13 x 2 piece 2,5- tonne capability of lashing points.

• Load Safety Sertificate EN 12642 Code XL.

Kässbohrer K.SWAU C Technical Information

• 30 mm thick resin coated (Water resistant) plywood floor with Omega supports, permissible fork-lift axle load of 7.000 kg according to DIN EN.

• 2 x 4 rows of 120 mm high aluminium side planks.

• 3 x 2 units of sliding lateral pillars.

• Tunnel dimensions : 4000mm x 1030mm x 120mm.

• Double rear door made of aluminium profiles, hidden lock mechanism and smooth outer surface for logo and graphic application 4 locks. (2 locks each door)

• KTL coated steel panel and plywood protection plate with 2400 mm height.

• Edscha, one way sliding roof with steel cross tensioners for load security.

• 8 units of pallet stoppers are included which protects Euro pallets slide in compliance with Automotive Transport Certificate.

• Intermodel Train load capability.

• Sliding roof curtain made of 900 gr/m2 material (Fire Proof Fabric according to ISO 3795-1989) Sliding roof curtain made of 680 gr/m2 material. (Fire Proof Fabric according to ISO 3795-1989)

• Load Security Certificate according to EN 12642 Code XL - VDI 2700.