Kässbohrer Presents Extended Low-bed Range & Announces Low-bed Plant Investment

Kässbohrer, the fastest growing semi-trailer manufacturer in Europe and celebrating 125 years of Enginuity, hosted Low-Bed Day on 11th of April, 2018 in its Goch Plant with the participation of industry representatives as well as customers across Europe.

19 April 2018

Kässbohrer welcomed heavy haulage transportation businesses, valuable press members from the sector and special association members of heavy transportation to introduce its new low-bed plant investment and its extended low-bed and special vehicles product range.

Hosted by Kässbohrer Board Member Iffet Türken, attended by important associations from the industry like ESTA, the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes, Kässbohrer Low-Bed Day exemplifies the strong industry collaboration between Kässbohrer and stakeholders.

One day event started with Ms. Türken’s welcome speech with Kässbohrer 125’s years of success story. Ms. Türken stated: “For over 125 years, Kässbohrer has been developing vehicles that have pushed the boundaries of vehicle engineering. We are proud to present our new extended low-bed range. Staying true to our ethos, Enginuity we are constantly innovating to meet our customer’s needs no matter how challenging they are.’’
Investing Further in Production and R&D Ms. Türken announced that Kässbohrer invests further in its production, as well as research and development capabilities to build the next 125 years of success. Ms. Türken said:
“Heavy Haulage transportation is the flagship of specialized transportation, requiring technical expertise as well as meticulous planning for road and load safety. Taking into account the challenges of heavy haulage transportation, Kässbohrer invests further in a new low-bed plant in Adapazari location to be the high performing and long lasting business partner of heavy haulage companies. Having one of the most modern trailer
factories in Europe with a total are of 365.000 m2, Kässbohrer invests in a further 60.000 m2 low-bed factory with annual capacity of 2.500 vehicles, to be the highest capacity low-bed production in Europe. All manufacturing processes completed in a single hall, the new low-bed factory will operate according to Industry 4.0 principles with RFID latching crane systems, barcode positioning technology, robot assisted chassis welding and painting
as well as automatic surface blasting and metallization carried out in the integrated coating and paint shop facilities. With the new plant investment Kässbohrer will deliver the highest quality special vehicles that will meet the needs the challenges of heavy haulage companies.

Kässbohrer’s second R&D center, with the highest test capacity in Europe as well as most advanced testing equipment, is also being built. Once completed the center will host 150
additional engineers and research fellows with 300.000 engineering hours per year. The center will be able to develop 1 vehicle platform every 3 months, 1 new vehicle per month
and 1 new version every week. From concept, design, prototype to production-ready vehicles will be tested in the same facility with capabilities of bench tests with up to 5 axle
vehicles, advanced computer aided simulations, and component and material testing areas.

Kässbohrer One of the Top 4 in All European Markets

Kässbohrer market success in 2017 and the first quarter of 2018 established Kaessbohrer as the 4th biggest manufacturer in Europe. In 2017, Kässbohrer sales has grown 5% worldwide establishing Kaessbohrer as the 4th biggest manufacturer in Europe. Regarding the heavy haulage transportation, Kässbohrer has grown its market share by 10% in the biggest low bed markets; Germany, Poland, France and Italy, and has become one the 5th
low-bed brands. With the evidence of solid sales and after-sales infrastructure planning and work, Kaesbohrer continued its success in the first quarter of 2018. In the first months of 2018, Kässbohrer increased its traffic registration numbers by 40% and got its place among the Top 3 in the Germany, the biggest low bed market in Europe. Kässbohrer invests in its value-added services. Currently Kässbohrer aftersales network
reached 350 certified locations all around Europe. Road assistance available in 27 countries and 17 languages, Kässbohrer also offers K-Advance care packages tailored to unique needs of its customers to manage periodic maintenance of their vehicles at advantageous cost ranges, contributing to Total Cost of Ownership. Kaessbohrer invests not only in production and products but also services to enable our customers to drive the extra mile.

Extended Low-Bed Range

The event continued with the introduction of the new members; Kässbohrer heavy haulage product range.

Kässbohrer’s extended Heavy Haulage product category demonstration included extendable low-bed range, non-extendable low-bed range, vehicles with hydraulic steering range as well as low-loader range. Each range comes with multiple axle options and platform choices that will allow the customers to choose the vehicles that meet their specific transportation challenges. Along with the extended low-bed range, the truck transporter (Flex-Carrier) as well as heavy duty middle extendable flatbed platform were presented. Kässbohrer demonstrated the perfect balance of engineering and ingenuity in these highly engineered product ranges and allowing for multiple options for each vehicle to best suit the unique and diverse business requirements of heavy haulage transportation.

Low-Loader (K.SLL) Series: Kässbohrer’s low-loader series are perfect solutions for heavy-duty transportation. They include low-loaders with 2 and 3 axles, equipped with hydraulic-steering, hydro-pneumatic suspension, remote-steering and auto-alignment options.With a special pool height, the K.SLL series enables transportation of heavy goods with up to 3,700 mm height. The bolted gooseneck shortens the loading process of bulky goods and increases safety during front loading and unloading. With special chassis technology and robust construction, K.SLL ensures safe transportation of heavy and abnormal goods.

Extendable & Non-Extendable Low-Bed (K.SLA & K.SLS) Series: Kässbohrer’s extendable and non-extendable low-bed series provide reliable performance in heavy goods transportation thanks to its wide range of options, such as side extension brackets, 7 different rear ramp options, advanced load safety features and multiple self-steering axle options for having an enhanced maneuverability in the toughest working conditions.

Additionally, two pairs of wheel recesses and an excavator arm recess are adaptable to the chassis for a flexible transportation of the construction machinery such as backhoe loaders, dumpers, harvesters, etc. 

Heavy-Duty Platform (K.SPA) Series: Kässbohrer’s extendable flatbed platform semi-trailer series, K.SPA M and K.SPA X, transcend the limits of engineering to provide flexible and safe transportation solutions for heavy, long, flat and bulky goods thanks to their extendable and flat chassis, variable container positioning combinations and different load safety options. Adaptable to trucks with low 5th wheel heights, with the extendable chassis and sliding ramp features, K.SPA series enhances operational flexibility and eliminates idle workshop time. Equipped with advanced load safety features and enhanced maneuverability, K.SPA series offers various transport solutions. 

Flex Carrier (K.SOK L): Kässbohrer’s special truck transportation semi-trailer, Flex Carrier, was engineered to be the solution for the transportation of your different commercial vehicles with care, such as heavy trucks, construction machinery, pick-ups, autobuses and minibuses. Kässbohrer’s SOK L flex carrier is extendable up to 16,600 mm with two different combinations, both from middle and rear, and has self-steering axle that offers maximum maneuverability while it is extended. Multiple use of foldable decking ramps allows different combinations of loading according to types of load and provides easy loading with its rear aluminum ramps.