Kässbohrer and Move Intermodal’s partnership continues with 125 vehicles

31 March 2021

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer and Move Intermodal continue their partnership. Recently, the company added 125 Kässbohrer Coil Swap Body vehicles to their fleet.

Move Intermodal from Genk, Belgium is an important performer in intermodal transport and is active in the Benelux, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Slovakia, UK and Turkey.

Luc Driessen, CEO of Move Intermodal, and Mehmet Önen, Head of Key Account Management at Kässbohrer, shared their thoughts about this partnership.

“As Move Intermodal, we developed a 45 ft Coil Swap Body for safe coil transportation with our reliable partner Kässbohrer and already operate with 200 K.SWAU CC vehicles.

Kässbohrer Coil Swap Body leads to more efficient coil transportation, also suitable for general cargo transportation and enables time saving with their inner height and loading space. As a result of our experience, we have decided to add 125 new K.SWAU CC vehicles to our fleet.

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of Move Intermodal with the motto “Let’s Celebrate Synchromodality” and we are very happy to collaborate with Kässbohrer once again at our 10th anniversary to offer the best service to our customers.” stated Mr. Driessen.

Kässbohrer’s Head of Key Account Management Mr. Mehmet Önen continued: “As Kässbohrer, we meet the versatile requirements of our customers and engineer vehicles meeting their needs. We work with our customers to realise the most reliable and innovative vehicles.

In this regard, with Move Intermodal’s coil transport sector expertise and know-how and our engineering excellence, we proudly developed first and only 45 ft. Coil Swap Body for environmentally-friendly operations.

This vehicle is the safest choice in intermodal for coil transportation and with our innovation, and we have taken second place at Trailer Innovation 2021 Awards in the category “Body.” 

K.SWAU CC is offered with an integrated coil well and is developed for intermodal coil transport by its innovative chassis design with a total capacity of 30 tons. With its innovative features, K.SWAU CC is the first and safest vehicle with the biggest capacity.

Even with its aluminum coil well covers, K.SWAU CC is available for general cargo transportation with its resistance to 7.2 ton forklift capacity and increases operational flexibility.

The tests performed during the development have proven safer swap designs and resulting design changes are now the technical requirements for UIC 592/IRS 50592 and IRS 50596-5 certification mandatory for all swap bodies.

Our Coil Swap Body makes a difference with its robustness despite the tare weight of 4.500 kg that contributes to operational efficiency.

We congratulate the 10th anniversary of our valuable customer Move Intermodal and we are determined to support them with our innovative vehicles and after-sales services in the coming years as well.”