Kässbohrer and Roos Spedition GmbH. have signed a new cooperation

11 July 2023

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer and Roos Spedition GmbH. have established a new partnership. Roos Spedition GmbH. has further strengthened its fleet by investing in Kässbohrer's Chemical Substance Tanker K.STC 30.

Roos Spedition GmbH is a forwarding company with its headquarters in Durmersheim, Germany, one of the transporters with the largest fleet of chemical tankers, more than 300, in Europe.

The main focus of the company is the international transport of liquid chemicals, predominantly hazardous goods for all well-known customers in the chemical industry. The Roos fleet, which is completely owned by the company, currently comprises approximately 700 units that are used in European exchange traffic. In addition, the entire Roos Group is networked with each other as well as with its own fleet via EDP and satellite technology. A system that functions according to the highest European standards and is tailored to the personal individual needs of the customer is in place.

Roos takes a holistic view of national and international ADR transport. With a superior fleet of modern vehicles and contractual partnerships that have stood the test of time, Roos offers unparalleled premium solutions.

Vito Bentivegna, Chief Executive Officer of Roos Spedition and Faruk Karakılıç, Area Sales Manager Germany for Kässbohrer, were present for vehicle inspection and the delivery ceremony at the Kässbohrer Production Facility in Adapazarı.

Vito Bentivegna, Chief Executive Officer of Roos commented on their new investment in Kässbohrer K.STC: ‘We are happy to receive our first Kässbohrer trailer. We will put this trailer through its paces. I have no worries about quality. After the very professional factory tour, we were able to get a detailed look. It is worked with the most modern machines hand in hand with the German TÜV. I am impressed by the professionalism and the very committed way of working.”

Faruk Karakılıç, Area Sales Manager Germany: ‘’We are proud to announce our cooperation with Roos Spedition and are very pleased to deliver a K.STC to Roos Spedition.

Kässbohrer K.STC vehicle, the lightest chemical tanker on the market with tare weight of 6.500 kg offers our customers the best opportunity for cost savings during their ADR compliant operations, fulfils exactly the specification Roos Spedition is looking for.

Depending on the climate conditions, K.STC 30 comes with several insulation options, including glass wool insulation of 100 mm or 150 mm thickness, stainless steel, aluminum or GRP claddings, stainless steel insulation rings and FRP end domes.

According to our customers transportation needs, K.STC 30 can be configured with several volume options, compartments, and different discharge placements.

As Kässbohrer we consider this investment as the beginning of our long-term cooperation with our valued customer Roos and we believe our partnership with Roos Spedition will continue for many years.” Said Mr. Karakılıç.

Kässbohrer After-Sales Network

Kässbohrer’s after-sales services network has 83 services in Germany serving Kässbohrer‘s widest product range in repair and maintenance while 49 services provide advanced repair and maintenance for Kässbohrer Tanker range including Hydraulic System maintenance, general reparation as well as Body Welding reparation.

On Kässbohrer’s website our customers can access real-time business hours of its entire

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