Kässbohrer proudly introduced aluminum tipper for agricultural material transportation: K.SKA A

24 March 2021

Leading semi-trailer manufacturer Kässbohrer proudly introduced aluminum tipper K.SKA A for agricultural material transportation, designed and manufactured as a result of its extensive experience in the tipper product segment.

Kässbohrer’s K.SKA A is suitable to carry a wide range of agricultural materials such as soy, corn, rapeseed, sugar beet, sediments, grains and can also carry bio-waste, pallet goods, bagged waste and fertilizers and is available with 40 m3, 45 m3 and 50 m3 volume options.

Ingeniously designed with most user friendly and time saving operational features, such as new lightweight bumper, walking platform and grain sliders, K. SKA A series stand for long product life with S700MC steel chassis, hybrid floor and high wear and impact resistant aluminum modular upper structure.

Ingenious Design for Operational Ease and Longer Product Life

Kässbohrer K.SKA A is offered with S700MC light steel with higher yield strength to provide robustness and longer product life. Light but robust, S700MC steel usage leads to higher payload, fuel saving and less maintenance cost.

The vehicle is engineered with a low center of gravity and optimal load distribution even in the toughest off-road conditions. 

K.SKA A is offered with optimized hybrid floor in order to minimize the damage to the vehicle floor during unloading operations. 8 mm thick aluminum floor at rear side ensures high impact and wear resistance while 6 mm at the front offers weight reduction.

In order to offer user friendliness, K.SKA A features new lightweight bumper, walking platform and grain sliders.

With the integration between the rear door and tarpaulin, K.SKA A allows unloading operations without opening the tarpaulin.

Kässbohrer K.SKA A Ensures Load Safety and Operational Flexibility

Addition to the operational ease and longer product life it offers, the vehicle also stands for load safety and operational flexibility.

K.SKA A features lashing rings on the floor for the safe transportation of pallet loads.

With optional grain socks, Kässbohrer Aluminum Tipper enables operational flexibility.

Kässbohrer K.SKA A makes Difference with the Seal Mechanism of its Upperstructure

The vehicle offers two types of seal mechanism with its upper structure, respectively liquid -tight seal and granular tight seal.

Granular tight is achieved by a special rear door hidden sealing system. Hidden seal feature allows the rubber part of the seal to face less damage during unloading operations.

In order to achieve liquid tightness, the inner body is manufactured by completely welding all the components.