Kässbohrer Successfully Attended NUFAM 2021 Fair

Kässbohrer Successfully Attended NUFAM 2021 Fair

14 October 2021

Kässbohrer proudly attended NUFAM 2021 fair, taking place between 30th of September to 3rd of October in Karlsruhe, Germany.

During the fair, around 22,000 visitors obtained information over four days from 13 countries and we were excited to welcome many visitors from Germany and also from Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Switzerland and United States.

After a long period of digital interaction due to Covid-19 precautions, Kässbohrer’s first physical fair was a great success. During the fair, customers, business partners, and press members had the chance to learn more from the dedicated Kässbohrer Germany direct sales teams and examine Kässbohrer vehicles.

At the NUFAM 2021 fair, Kässbohrer presented its low loader with two axles K.SLL 2, steel tipper K.SKS 24, and tipping silo K.SSK 60.

With the lowest ground clearance, Kässbohrer’s low-loader semi-trailer with two axles K.SLL 2 is the perfect solution for heavy-duty transportation and is the choice of bulk and high load haulers with its robust and strong construction that enables secure transportation

Kässbohrer’s ingeniously designed 24-cubic-meter three-axle tipper semi-trailer K.SKS 24 presents operational efficiency with its unique V-shaped floor and Hardox body for accelerated unloading. Moreover, the vehicle provides reliability, robustness, and operational efficiency with its high-strength chassis.

The lightest silo semi- trailer in the market with the tare weight of 6.000 kg Kässbohrer’s 60-cubic-meter tipping silo K.SSK 60, is the perfect example of Kässbohrer ‘Enginuity’. With enhanced flow angles and smooth aluminum surfaces, K.SSK 60 allows a continuous and easy flow of the material.

Kässbohrer provides wide range of aftersales services to its customers from its Ulm Plant, which started its operations in 2017, respectively painting work, accident repair of trailers, maintenance and repair of tank and silo vehicles, collection and delivery service, aluminum welding work and HU, SP, DEKRA and equipment tests.

Besides the Ulm service, Kässbohrer increases the number of after sales services. With its after sales service network improvements in Germany growing over 100 % over the last 5 years with 95 % of the network is competent to offer service and maintenance for all of Kässbohrer’s widest product range, making it most convenient for its customers from the widest range of industries from general cargo to bulk goods transportation and more.