Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with Park assist with novel reverse parking technology, Advanced Blind Spot detection with night vision, Overtaking assist enabling full calculations and safe takeover of the entire truck-trailer combination, as well as 360° view, is a step in the smart trailer that needs to evolve for full automated driving of the future.




Park Assist with Novel Rear Park Detection

Kässbohrer Park Assist measures the parking area via cameras and sensors and instructs the driver via an in-cabin screen for safe maneuvers. The rear parking assistant with radar systems is a novelty in both trailers and trucks and aides the calculations and safe operations.

Blind Spot with Night Vision

K-ADAS is equipped with the blind spot detection system which locates the objects that are out of driver's sight throughout the trailer. The system is designed to initiate automatically the braking system to avoid any accident. Benefitting from Kässbohr- er’s unique night vision support technology for reverse parking, blind-spot detection is an augmented version of the market products.





Not used in semi-trailers, the sensors and cameras cover the entire truck-trailer combination and via the in-cabin screen instruct the driver for safe initiation and finalization of the overtaking maneuver compensating for poor sight, poor speed and length or otherwise poor environmental assessment leading to accident risk.

360° View

K-ADAS’s 360° view presents an accurate image of the trailer surrounding areas via the in-cabin screen by processing images taken from the cameras placed around the vehicle. As a result of the 360° image processing, maximum visibility of the truck-trailer combi- nation is captured, aiding parking and docking operations for safety and continuous operations.al efficiency.