Kässbohrer Dry Freight Plywood Box K.SBT is designed for the safety and efficiency of your operations while its many options meet your specific needs.

K.SBT stands out with its robustness through 20 mm thick smooth plywood walls, 7.2-ton forklift capacity phenol resin-coated plywood floor as standard, S460MC steel chassis, EN 12642 Code XL certificated upper structure and KTL Coated Steel Front Panel. 

Equipped with a translucent roof as standard,  the vehicle enables safe and easy loading and unloading operations for operational efficiency.

K.SBT series are ingeniously designed for efficiency in operations and meet your specific requirements with a wide range of options. The insulated roof is internally and externally coated with 35 mm thick glass fiber reinforced polyester to protect against humidity and prolong product life,  35 mm laminated hardwood floor strengthened with steel omega profiles is robust for your tougher operations,  the Tail Lift provides accelerated loading and unloading operations when there is no ramp, the double deck option increases the capacity to 66 Euro Pallets while the Aluminum Shutter Door certified according to EN 12642 Code XL enables easy and quick loading and unloading.