Kässbohrer aluminum tipper semi-trailer, K.SKA, with its high strength chassis and though aluminum upper structure stands for reliability and robustness under the hardest load and road conditions. Thanks to its unique light design, 4.980 kg, K.SKA offers more payload and higher fuel efficiency. The robust chassis with a cataphoretic dip coating (KTL) process offers durability and persistence throughout the economic life of the vehicle.

Modular, lockable designed aluminum side panels, 40 mm thickness with 4 mm profiles, are the widest size in the market which ensures the strongest design long body service life. Floor optionally can be equipped with wear plates to have a longer life cycle. Rounded lower corners of the floor provide faster discharge and prevent material deposits. Enhanced operational stability is achieved by wide tipping shaft design. With a king-pin capacity of 12.000 kg and unique upper structure design, K.SKA offers the maximum traction performance on the road and ideal load distribution for road safety. 5 step hydraulic cylinder with a lifting capacity of 250 bar enables operationally efficient unloading. Engineered to couple with 4 x 2, 6 x 2, 6 x 4 trucks, K.SKA is equipped with one touch brake system that is developed for stable unloading operations and with tilt alert system that alerts the drivers on inclined lands, providing operational safety.